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First Scholarship awarded to Joshua Reyes

Joshua Reyes, a 2022 graduate of Wade Hampton High School and fellow classmate of Emma, has been chosen by a committee of WHHS faculty and staff as the recipient of this special first scholarship. Emma would be a Senior this year, graduating with this class of  students, some of whom have been her classmates since Kindergarten. David and Sally felt a strong desire for the first recipient to be from her class. The only eligibility requirement for this one scholarship to Clemson but bestowed through Wade Hampton was a student who had already been accepted to Clemson. The application process was three steps: submission of an essay by the applicant, a blind ranking of the essays by the committee, assessment by the committee of the top three essay writers of the traits of kindness and inclusion of other students. All of the essays were thought-provoking and well written. These young adults are admirable representatives of their generation. This first scholarship is $5,000 per year, for a total of $20,000.

Congratulations, Joshua!

Future scholarships will be awarded through the Clemson Foundation/Emma Frances Calder Scholarship.

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